Why the idChamp RS3-BLE-Kiosk Requires a Charge Only USB Cable

The idChamp RS3 Bluetooth RFID reader comes in a diverse assortment of variations to support each of our customer's unique needs. A standard configuration option among these variations is Kiosk BLE. Kiosk BLE models have no built-in batteries and auto power-on once you apply power via the micro-USB cable—which is ideal for many attendances and check-in solutions.

However, the micro-USB power cable must be a CHARGE-ONLY cable (that is, a cable without the ability to send or receive data). Without a charge-only cable, the RS3 Kiosk BLE model cannot send or receive data via BLE.

This restriction is by design; the RS3 is programmed to prefer a data-enabled USB connection when one is available. Consequently, when the RS3 senses a data-enabled USB connection, it will temporarily disable the BLE communication module.

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