BlueSnap Wireless 2.1 Adapter for DEX

BlueSnap Wireless 2.1 Adapter for DEX

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Quick Overview

The BlueSnap DEX Bluetooth serial radio dongle provides smooth connectivity for legacy serial devices in a variety of environments. Whether you are connecting a serial caliper to an iPad or a vending machine to an Android phone, your data will transmit seamlessly without the need for cables. Available in multiple forms and types to meet your specific needs, the BlueSnap DEX Bluetooth serial radio dongle is also easy to configure using terminal software like our JavaTerm or PuTTY. DEX kit is optional. For DEX using Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) get the BlueSnap Smart and DEX kit.

AAA model includes 2 x AAA batteries. Cables and other accessories sold separately.

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Note: If you require 2-way communication on iOS, you will need to use the BlueSnap Smart - Bluetooth 4.0 to RS-232 Adapter.


This dongle has firmware version 6.11 that supports ONLY 8-DATA BITS and NO PARITY.  DIP Switch 2 is used to change mode between SPP and HID (Bluetooth Keyboard) modes.

Using Bluetooth HID, the BlueSnap can send ASCII data to an iOS device. However, it cannot receive data from the iOS device via Bluetooth because Apple’s design explicitly prevents binary connections (as in Bluetooth SPP).

Works with thousands of types of RS-232 serial devices like scales, sensors, meters, e.g. Sokka SDL30 Digital Level “PowerLevel”


  • Internal jumper settings allow setup for RTS & CTS so the BlueSnap can be set up as DTE or DCE so you can simulate a null-modem adapter
  • Can act as Bluetooth Master or Bluetooth Slave 
  • External switch for most common bitrate (baud rate) settings.
  • External switches for easy master and discovery setup
  • A robust command set for configuring many attributes and settings via an RS-232 or Bluetooth connection

DEX SETUP AVAILABLE. Perfect for vending machines, sensors, and manufacturing. Download DEX data directly into Android or iOS.