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BlueSnap Wireless 2.1 Adapter for DEX

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The BlueSnap DEX wireless serial radio dongle provides smooth connectivity for legacy serial devices in a variety of environments. Whether you are connecting a a vending machine to an Android phone, your data will transmit seamlessly without the need for cables. 

The BlueSnap AAA DEX works with XSales app.

Epoxy option is highly recommend, breaking of the PCB from DB9 connector is not covered under warranty.

AAA model includes 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries. Charge cables and other accessories sold separately.

Must use rechargeable batteries when using with power/charge cable. Do not apply power via cable or DB9 connector when Alkaline batteries installed.


This dongle has firmware version 6.11 that supports ONLY 8-DATA BITS and NO PARITY. DIP Switch 2 is used to change mode between SPP and HID Keyboard modes.