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Java Serial Port - Enterprise MacOS

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Java SerialPort is the world's first, and still foremost commercial Java serial port API. Since its introduction in 1996, Java SerialPort has been the most robust and versatile—dare we say the best—Java developer tool for interacting with serial ports on any platform.

SerialPort provides highly flexible control of serial ports from your Java application. SerialPort is a high-performance class that also provides low-level serial port control. If your device plugs into a serial port—on or off the Internet—it is almost certain that you can use SerialPort to communicate with it.


CLICK HERE for a detailed list of the resources and packages included in this version

SerialPort provides by far the most cost-effective solution you will find for using Java to control the serial ports for virtually any Java application.

Available on Windows, MacOS, Unix, and Linux systems.

Use serial ports on existing hardware, or plug in USB adaptors, or use serial ports via a LAN or wireless LAN (WAN) connection with devices such as the DevMaster.

SerialPort provides unmatched, robust access to serial ports with Java, from Raspberry Pi IoT devices to RISC based servers.

Our JavaTerm program is a powerful serial tool that you can use on any platform supported by SerialPort.

We won't leave you cold either; we provide examples complete with Java source code.

  • SerialPort gives you full control of your systems serial ports
  • Multi-port cards - 96 ports (can be extended with Enterprise license)
  • Available on Windows, Mac OS, Unix, and Linux (partial list of supported environments)
  • Bean for serial ports
  • SerialPort currently supports USB-to-Serial converters, which allows you to communicate with standard RS-232 devices using the USB port(s) of your computer. For more details click here.
  • Create EXEs for Win32
  • Communicate with standard RS-232 devices using USB ports
  • Speeds from 110 bps to 460.8 Kbps*
  • Full handshake protocol, word size, parity, stop bit control
  • Control size of send and receive buffers
  • Line status checking for CD, CTS, DSR*
  • Control for setting line state on DTR, RTS*
  • Send bytes, packets (byte arrays), and strings
  • Error reporting including UART overrun, framing, and parity errors
  • Ring signal reporting
  • Hardware and Software flow control selection
  • High-performance byte queue
  • Modem utility classes
  • Power PCMCIA and CF card power management features**
  • Zero risks; SerialPort has 30-day money back guarantee

* Some hardware platforms do not support this feature. For example, the Macintosh serial interface is more straightforward than the 80x86 PC platform. As such, the Mac does not provide an RTS line, has no Ring signal to report, and does not provide a distinction between CD and DSR. Not all platforms support 230Kbps.

** Platform dependent, check with us to verify support for your platform.

You're in good company

SerialPort is being used successfully by many people and businesses worldwide.

Sun, Microsoft, Nortel, Hewlett-Packard, MCI, Bank of Montreal, Texas Instruments, Xerox, IBM, Fluke, AT&T, Pick 'n Pay, Lexmark, Nokia, Motorola, NCR, Ericsson, Cisco, StockPower, SGS Thompson, Mitel, Sony, Borland, Lucent, 3M, Northrop, Tandem, Disney, Rockwell, Compaq-DEC, Siemens, Tektronix, Dupont, NEC, Swedbank, FedEx, Oracle, Mondex, General Dynamics, Equinox, Powerware-Invensys, Seleriti, MobileCom AG, MIT, Lockheed Martin, Cabletron, TRW, Compuware, Fleming, Mettler Toledo, Impulse Radio, Storage Technology, Dupont, Carnegie Mellon, Argonne National Labs, Wavtrace, Alcatel, Dragon Systems, Geoworks, Seiko Epson, Silicon Graphics, Sandia National Labs, Yamaha, Mercedes-Benz, Lufthansa, E-Loan, eToys, Boeing, British Telecom, and many more.


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