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idChamp® DX1 Veterinary, Pet & Livestock RFID Reader

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The idChamp® DX1 is a Durable Low-Frequency Handheld wirelessly connected RFID Reader. It is capable of reading animal ear tags and injectable microchip tags at 134.2 kHz. Read/Write - FDX-B/HDX ISO-11784/85, TIRIS, EM4100.

The reader is designed for close-proximity work with livestock, domestic animals, pets, or animal samples. The idChamp® DX1 is ideal for quick verification activities in agricultural or veterinary operations that wish to take their solution mobile on iOS, Android, & Windows 10. Giving the user ability to read animal tags both in the office and out in the field. Easy wireless connectivity for seamless integration with Serialio applications including the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile App Suite, iScanBrowser, and SerialMagic Applications.

Standard USB version is powered via USB cable.

Durable FAST version is battery powered with Qi charge base.

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Use Cases

♦ Write and read 134.2 kHz tags like RI-TRP-DR2B 32mm Glass Transponder
♦ Veterinary Operations
♦ Livestock Management
♦ Heard Tracking
♦ Pet and Lab Identification