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idChamp® EUB4 Embedded 4-Port UHF Reader-Writer

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The idChamp® EUB4 Embedded is the world's first 4-port fixed-mobile UHF reader with wireless host connection. The idChamp® EUB4's compact size, multi-regional support,  makes it ideal for vehicle tracking, attendance recording, asset tracking, and more!

The reader is available with or without case.

Cable kit A includes

  • 4 each Cable 3 meter N-Type to TNC
  • 4 each MMCX to SMA cable
  • 4 each SMA to TNC converter

Download Specifications

The idChamp® EUB4 Embedded Mobile UHF Reader-Writer is a fixed UHF RFID power with all the convenience of a mobile RFID Reader.

Connect in less than a second to iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS host devices

Extend the idChamp® EUB4 for any application by attaching near-field or long-range UHF antennas

Use with our rechargeable USB Instant Mobile Power Pack to be able to use for days at a time

The idChamp EUB4 is ideal for vehicle tracking, attendance tracking, kiosks, inventory monitoring, asset tracking, and more.

  • Multi-regional Support
  • EPC C1 G2, ISO 18000-6C Compliant*
  • Compact Size
  • Four(4) Ports with MMCX Jacks
  • MMCX to SMA connectors with optional cable kit
  • Wireless and USB-C interface
  • Power with USB-C, USB plug or battery power pack with 2A rating
  • RF power is programmable in 18 levels (1dB step) from 10dBm to 30dBm
  • One USB Full Speed device port
  • Output power accuracy of +/- 1dB, 8.5W at full power

*860 MHz to 960 MHz, check local compliance requirements.
e.g. USA is 902 to 928 MHz.