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idChamp® NF2 RFID Reader / Writer

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The idChamp® NF2-5011 is a Cross-Platform Mobile NFC-RFID Reader / Writer. Wirelessly connect to iOS and Android. Can also connect via USB to some Android and Windows devices. Reads NDEF data and CSN from most major NFC cards. Perfect for all mobile RFID applications.

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Have Your Own App? Integrate With Us

Connect our reader to your application with the use of our SDK/API

Connect wirelessly in less than one second to wireless host devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones/tablets, Windows 10 PCs/tablets like Microsoft Surface Pro.
Scan NFC tags for Attendance, Training, Ticketing, Mustering, Trade Shows, Access Control, Marketing.

Use for NDEF data actions like opening a website URL, adding an address book contact, making a phone call, or sending a text message.

Enables NFC solutions on iPads, iPhones not possible with CoreNFC.
Battery option runs for 8 hours. Kiosk mode runs with 5V USB power. USB and embedded versions available.

You're in good company

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  • Wireless Connect in 1 second
  • Instantaneous wireless reconnect
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows 10
  • Connect more than ten (10) NF2 devices simultaneously to iPad/iPhone
  • 8-hour battery life constantly scanning
  • NFC-RFID Attendance, Training, Ticketing, Mustering
  • Cross-Platform Support: iOS, Android, Windows 10+
  • Read CSN* (Chip Serial Number)
  • Read NDEF Data
  • Read raw user data*
  • Write NDEF Data* to NFC Tags

*iOS built-in NFC reader does not support the following:
- Reading: CSN, NFC chip raw user data/memory
- Writing: NDEF data, NFC chip raw user data/memory