Scanfob® 4000 Bluetooth Barcode CCD Scanner

Scanfob® 4000 Bluetooth Barcode CCD Scanner


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Quick Overview

The Scanfob® 4000 is a Bluetooth barcode scanner is a CCD barcode reader. CCD (Charged Coupling Device) barcode scanners use an imaging engine to take a picture of the barcode and then decode the characters.  CCD barcode scanners are "linear imagers" meaning that you will still see a red focus line when triggering the scan.

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Durable: CCD scanners have no internal moving parts so they are typically a bit more durable than a laser scanner.

More economical: CCD scanners, on average, are usually less costly than other barcode scanners.

Scan In Direct Sunlight & On Device Screens: Essentially, a CCD scanner is "taking a picture" of the barcode.  Due to this scanning process, CCD scanners are able to operate in bright sunlight.  Most CCD scanners are also able to read scans off a computer or other devices screens.


    • CCD engine enables barcodes to be read from PC and smartphone screens easily
    • Provides instant scan results (camera phone scanners can't compare)
    • Bluetooth keyboard (aka HID) mode types data at cursor location like a keyboard
    • MFi mode (Made For iOS aka iAP) for faster data processing, and consistent iOS on-screen keyboard behavior (additional cost)
    • Embedded client license for SerialMagic, Mobile Grid, Mobile Order, Mobile List, and more
    • Post scans to any field on any web page and NO TAPPING to get focus iScanBrowser
    • Complete solutions Android & iOS for Attendance, Inspections, Delivery, Inventory Counts, Data Collection, and More
    • Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Solution Framework
    • Unmatched ordering solution for Android & iOS
    • Connect to your own app with the SerialMagic Engine API.