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SerialMagic License

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SerialMagic can make virtually any application RFID-NFC, barcode data-ready, on virtually any platform. SerialMagic Professional performs data entry, or data transfer, from many Bluetooth barcode, RFID and NFC scanners directly into applications that accept data input from keyboards, keypads, & soft keyboards. SerialMagic provides powerful control of this serial data, and allows the data to be used with programs that have no knowledge that SerialMagic is running. SerialMagic works with virtually all web and browser technologies, including XML, SOAP, ASP, JavaScript, PHP, CGI, Python, Java, and .NET.

Works on over 25,000 device models, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

SerialMagic is a cross-platform, lightning fast, feature-rich program that allows data entry from nearly any Bluetooth device that sends data over Bluetooth SPP (Serial port profile). Also works with legacy RS-232 serial devices (including those connected via Bluetooth RS-232 modules) into virtually any application.

One of the most popular uses of SerialMagic is to provide a 'serial port wedge' or 'serial data wedge' for serial devices such as barcode scanners and scales. SerialMagic puts the bar code data from the scanner directly into the selected data field instantly.

Download SerialMagic, and see how easy it can be to simplify your data connectivity. SerialMagic will easily help utilize your serial devices to their best potential. Unlike other software "wedge" products from other vendors, SerialMagic enables fast and powerful integration with other applications and workflows using the SerialMagic Actions Profile (SMAP) feature.

When using NFC Gears Pro, reading Mifare user memory and posting as keystrokes is also supported

Professional and Enterprise

SerialMagic Professional and Enterprise licenses include advanced setup & phone support, and additional features (contact for details)

SerialMagic Enterprise provides licenses and setup support for up to 300 devices.

SerialMagic Professional Power Upgrade License is required for:

  • Juniper Allegro-3 built-in DB9 RS232 serial port support
  • TRU-TEST S3 Bluetooth Scale Head
  • SMAP Validate Scans Via ODBC
  • Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Uploads
  • PosiTector 6000 Probe
  • Supports reading Mifare user memory with NFC Gears Pro (requires NFC Gears Pro Android)

OEMs - license the SerialMagic Engine

Have an existing software product, and want to enable it to talk with barcode scanners, RFID readers, scales, and other devices? Why spend months of effort and tens of thousands dollars? Use the SerialMagic engine and have your application enabled today! Contact us.